When is the Right Time to Hire a Stock Market Fraud Attorney?

Stock fraud, also refer to as investment fraud or securities fraud, is regarded as a white collar crime and often the victim of this crime might not be easy to recognize just like a victim of a criminal offense of rape or murder. Even by just investigating a stock fraud it involves a very complex process and this type of crime basically falls under the expertise and training of specialist in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as well as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC and FBI are responsible for investigating the claims of stock fraud. Stock fraud is categorized as the act of attracting the investors to purchase stock or invest in a company according to the fraudulent claims regarding the stock or company. In general, this is the kind of fraud committed by a broker or dealer by offering their client a false information regarding a stock. Basically, there are four types of stock fraud in this classification, these are the following: unsuitability, churning, misrepresentation, and over concentration. Read more now.

Since each of these by definition depends on a dealer intentionally offer clients a misleading and false information. The weight usually falls on the prosecution side to prove to the court that the dealer really know that they were not acting in the best interest of their client and that they were really offering false information to the client. So, if you are charged with stock fraud you probably already know that it is very complex, and since it is complex you have to get a stock fraud attorney who can guide and represent you in court. A stock fraud attorney can help you in your defense to help prove that you believe you were acting on the best interest of your client and also that you believe you were providing good financial advice. If your chosen stock market lawyer can prove these claims, then the charges can be lifted.

The right time to get an attorney is when you are under investigation by the SEC or the FBI because any investigation involving stock fraud is certainly going to be complicated and would take some time. Take note that you should be well aware that you are under investigation before any arrest happens. So, if you think that you are under investigation you should hire a stock fraud attorney who can be able to work on your defense and make sure that your rights are protected.

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